About Us

Flexyfoot aims to transform the walking aid sector by offering real solutions to the problems faced by those who need more stability. Flexyfoot products are designed to not only look good and work well, but they also have proven medical and therapeutic benefits, helping to challenge the stigma of walking aids and give safe, flexible support to those who need it.

The Flexyfoot ferrule is the result of three years of extensive research, design and development and has been created with the help of a leading orthopaedic surgeon. The Flexyfoot ferrule has been tested to the latest ISO standard for endurance and slip resistance and is well received by medical professionals. Flexyfoot meets CE marking regulations, a process overseen by Dr Jed Place of Medical Device Consultants.

Designed and assembled in Great Britain!

The innovative Flexyfoot was designed and developed in the UK and all products are assembled and packaged by our UK fulfillment team.

Get in contact 

Part of our design process is listening to our users and taking feedback on board. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with Flexyfoot and how it makes you feel. You can contact us through the website or by emailing sales@flexyfoot.com

Some legal stuff

Flexyfoot Intellectual Property
The Flexyfoot ferrule/tip/foot is protected by the following patents:

  • USA: 12/733448
  • Japan: 2010-5343256
  • South Africa: 20107044100
  • Australia: 2008294554
  • China: 200880112347.8

with patents pending in other major countries.

The Flexyfoot oval walking stick/cane handle UK Registered Design No:4030073
The Flexyfoot name and logo are trade marked 2519144