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Mobility Products 4 U

Getting to know our stockists:

Mobility Products 4 U

Mobility Products 4 U is run by Robert Winchurch, a friendly and helpful gent based in North Wales.

Where are Mobility Products 4 U from? Where was the company born? 

Mobilityproducts4u is registered in Manchester, but the business covers the whole of the UK and operates from Llandudno in sunny North Wales.

What got you into the mobility aids business?

It was started in 2010 at a time when my own arthritis prevented me from working in a retail environment due to my inability to walk any distances. I had a knee replacement in the same year which unfortunately went wrong and created further problems. I needed to occupy myself and so mobilityproducts4u.org was started. I had previously been involved in the furniture trade and had sold adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs and it was a progression from there.


If you were a first-time customer, what product by Flexyfoot would you buy and why?

My first purchase as a new customer would be for a Flexyfoot ferrule, it is such a brilliant product that can improve an ordinary walking stick into a true walking aid!

Why would you buy from Flexyfoot instead of a competitor?

I do not think that in the true sense of the word Flexyfoot has competitors, there are just companies selling ordinary, nonflexible, none shock absorbing ferrules.

Flexyfoot Ferrules

How are you enjoying your partnership with Flexyfoot as a supplier? 

Working with Flexyfoot is a real joy, they are efficient and competitive and not only that the products are great value, and the people are fun to deal with; what more can you ask for?