Japanese Debut After Crowdfunding Success

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We are delighted to announce the completion of our crowdfunding this summer with resounding success. We originally planned to raise £100,000 from small investors via the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs over a month – but due to the huge interest in our company, we reached our goal within two weeks, and ended the crowdfunding process with a whopping £150,000 invested in Flexyfoot!

Flexyfoot team at HCR Tokyo
Flexyfoot team at HCR Tokyo

We will use the new funds for co-invest in a country-specific marketing plan agreed with selected overseas distributors. In Germany we will work with our distributor, Ossenberg on co-funding marketing, and we aim to follow a similar plan in Japan with Abilities, a significant organisation in the Japanese mobility aids market.

Our company is growing which means our founder and managing director David Goodwin embarked on a worldwide tour: he has been exhibiting our products — including the new feet — at Rehacare International in Dusseldorf in September. Then he flew out to Japan where Flexyfoot was successfully launched at a major Japanese trade show in October, organized by our Japanese partner, Abilities. Looking closer to home, we recently exhibited at Trade Days in Birmingham where both our walking sticks and the new feet got quite a lot of interest.

“Launch at HCR 2016 Tokyo was excellent” — says David — “Great feedback from private customers and distributors alike. Our local partner, Abilities are 100% committed to building the Flexyfoot brand in Japan and will be perusing several channels to market including retailers, hospitals, professional and direct sales. Abilities have over 1000 people and several sales offices throughout Japan and understand that our vison is a similar one to Dyson, which is very big in Japan.”

We haven’t stopped improving our products: our portfolio now consists of Flexyfoot ferrules (feet), crutches, walking sticks and hiking poles. If you need to pack a walking aid in a small space, our folding and telescopic walking sticks are just the thing for you. But our biggest news is our new ‘wet grip’ ferrule, about which we are, frankly, quite excited!

The new enhanced “wet grip” feet are now available to purchase online. Specifically designed to provide more grip and security on those tricky wet or smooth surfaces, the new foot has been shown in tests to provide up to 250% more grip than our previous version! Given that the previous version is already superior to simple rubber feet in grip, as well as in shock absorption and stability, the updated feet are truly amazing – give them a try!