“Flexyfoot has helped in a lot of ways. Shock absorbing...and there’s a lot more stability. I can get my walks and training done”

“Flexyfoot has helped in a lot of ways. Shock absorbing…and there’s a lot more stability. I can get my walks and training done”

If you are using crutches (or a forearm crutch), then FlexyFoot can
help you. Flexyfoot can be used on crutches when recovering from sports injuries, broken legs and operations or for active amputees.

Improving your crutches

Simply by adding Flexyfoot to your standard crutches you can transform them into better walking aids with better grip, advanced shock absorption and more stability.

Flexyfoot - making your crutch better

We have had feedback from crutch users all over the UK who are using crutches when they are recovering from sports injuries, broken legs or operations. Some of our crutch using customers are very active and take part in sponsored walks while others are full weight bearing such as an amputee (and some are both!), so their ferrules get a lot of wear and tear. This is not a problem for our Flexyfoot rubber tip. SATRA, a highly regarded independent test house trialled the Flexyfoot ferrule. The results were great; there were no splits or damage to the bellows, collar or rubber tread and the fit of the foot into the collar was as new. Tread wear was also excellent, a point raised in customer feedback who say that Flexyfoot lasts around 4-8 times longer than a standard ferrule (depending on the user, the aid and the conditions). In our tests, the Flexyfoot ferrule has at least 50% more grip than a standard ferrule and the wet surface performance was also good.

You can see some of Flexyfoot sports ambassadors on, the Irish International Amputee Football Squad, on our YouTube channel or click here to read about Simon Baker, Guinness world record holder for the fastest marathon on crutches who uses Flexyfoot.

PLEASE NOTE: In the UK, most adjustable crutches are 22mm in diameter, but some crutches are 25mm. Please be sure to measure your crutches so that you can order the right size of Flexyfoot! Use the Size Guide available to print or download on the right or click here to watch the video ‘What  size Flexyfoot?’ for guidance.