It’s easy to fit a new Flexyfoot ferrule or replace it if you need to. Follow our simple guide below. If you get stuck, we’re here to help – just ring one of our advisors on 0800 0285 888.

Fitting a new foot/replacements

Flexyfoot is made up of two separate parts to let you renew the ‘foot’ section when worn or damaged without replacing the whole Flexyfoot. Watch this video or follow the simple steps below to fit your Flexyfoot ferrule.

Fitting a  Flexyfoot

Step 1

Measure the diameter of your walking aid with the size guide to give you the correct ‘collar’ size.

Step 2

You should shorten your aid by approximately 35mm (1.5in) when fitting
Flexyfoot. If the end of your aid has sharp edges, you’ll need to file these down.

Step 3

Fit Flexyfoot by pushing the ‘collar’ onto the base of your walking aid.
Moistening it with a little water may make Flexyfoot easier to fit. Push the ‘collar’ on as far as it will go and ensure it is a tight fit. The ‘foot’ should push into the ‘collar’ and be able to freely rotate in either direction without unscrewing.

Step 4

Put a mark 23mm from the end of your aid. Push the collar onto the aid until the mark is level with the collar and ensure it’s a tight fit.

Step 5

Then refit the foot by screwing it into the collar until it can freely rotate in either direction and then push until it clicks home.

Please note:

When to fit a new Flexyfoot ‘foot’

The Flexyfoot ‘foot’ can be easily renewed without replacing a whole Flexyfoot. If the tread is worn down to the wear markers, the bellows or ‘foot’ become damaged or if the bellows lose too much spring, stop using immediately and replace the ‘foot’. In normal use, the bellows will soften slightly after a short period of use and will compress over time by about 6mm.

Full weight-bearing crutch users such as amputees or very active users, may find that Flexyfoot Extra provides greater long-term resistance. It fits the standard ‘collar’ and is available from your retailer or Flexyfoot.

Fitting a new Flexyfoot foot

Remove the old ‘foot’ by pulling the ‘foot’ away from the ‘collar’ and then unscrewing. To fit the new ‘foot’ screw into ‘collar’ until it can freely rotate and then push the ‘foot’.