Using walking aids can often be extremely uncomfortable and at times unreliable. Many people find themselves in a position where in order to get about, they have no choice but to embrace aided walking. Now though, with Flexyfoot, it no longer needs to be unsafe or painful.

The Benefits of Flexyfoot

With traditional walking aids, tackling uneven ground is a frightening experience; but by switching to Flexyfoot ferrules, you can confidently enjoy a more stable walking experience. Flexyfoot’s patented design works like the suspension system on a 4×4. The flexible bellows absorb shock each time your stick touches the ground so your step is completely cushioned.

Flexyfoot provides improved grip and stability on all terrains, particularly slippery and uneven surfaces. Even better than that, the tread of the ferrule can independently rotate through 360°, so full ground contact is still maintained if you have to twist or turn around. The flexible bellows mean your stick will work at any angle while the Flexyfoot rubber tip is always in full contact with the floor.

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Flexyfoot Benefits

Relieves pain

One of the core benefits of Flexyfoot is its ability to relieve pain normally associated with using walking aids. Over a prolonged period of time, traditional ferrules can cause excruciating and debilitating pain in the arms, shoulders, wrists, elbows, back and neck.

Flexyfoot’s innovative spring design corrects the body’s walking position by creating suspension for the walking aid. It acts as a shock absorber, in the same way as the suspension on a bike or car.

Studies have shown that your wrist receives from one to more than three times your body weight with crutches, a load the upper body was never designed to sustain. Spring loaded or shock absorbing crutches or ferrules can reduce peak handle load by 24% when compared to standard crutches. This means less strain on joints, which in turn could reduce the risk of added complications associated with longer-term crutch use.

Safer grip

In order to provide the most comfortable walking experience and for you to get the most out of your walking aid, it’s incredibly important for you to feel safe. The traditional ferrules on walking aids can often slip, slide and leave ugly black scuffs on floor surfaces. Flexyfoot provides 250% more grip, which ensures a level of user confidence. Even when it’s wet out or by the side of swimming pool, the anti-slip foot leaves users safe in the knowledge that their walking aid will not fail them.

Easy to replace

Flexyfoot can extend the life of walking aids by correcting walking position. But when the time comes for new ferrules, they’re extremely easy to replace.

More mobility confidence

When people who use walking aids feel safe, secure, and comfortable, their mobility confidence is increased no end. They feel more able to tackle the walking challenges they face and going about their day-to-day business becomes easier to manage. That safety, security and comfort is at the heart of Flexyfoot.

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