Flexyfoot Open Cuff Ergo Crutch

These stylish, textured, matte black Open Cuff Crutches come with Flexyfoot fitted as standard.

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Why Should I Choose Open Cuff Crutches?

For a modern and less bulky look, the open cuff provides a lightweight, more compact crutch while demonstrating equal mobility benefits to the closed cuff.

Made from high quality aluminium and reinforced fibreglass, our crutches also come with push button height adjustment to easily adapt to your preferred height.

Sold individually or as a pair, these smart, practical, and lightweight Flexyfoot elbow crutches are made in Germany. Their textured matte black finish further adds to the sophistication!

Most importantly, paired with a soft grip handle our crutches are designed to help significantly ease the pain and discomfort often associated with crutch use.

Technical Information

  • Max User Weight: 150KG
  • Colour: Textured matte black
  • Height Adjustable between 78 and 98cm
  • Product weight: 600G