Flexyfoot Urban Hiking Pole

Our lightweight 3-part Urban Hiking Pole is fitted with Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrules as standard to keep you safe around town.

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Why Should I Choose an Urban Hiking Pole?

Looking for a sporty reliable walking aid for balance and light support with the added benefits of comfort, security and style? Our range of lightweight Urban Hiking Poles come with our High Performance Ferrule fitted as standard. Offering all the benefits of the Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrule combined with a premium grade aluminium shaft for added strength and security, our poles are designed to keep you up and moving in and around town.

Our new 3-part urban hiking pole has a breathable cork handle for comfort and can easily be adjusted using the twisting mechanism.  Designed to provide stability and help balance for those that do not require the enhanced weight bearing benefits of a walking stick but want the safety and security that Flexyfoot provides.

Available in two colours (plain black or vibrant metallic blue) you can choose your perfect walking companion.

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Technical Information

  • Adjustable between 70 and 148cm
  • Available in Black or Blue
  • Not weight tested - not considered as a walking aid