Flexyfoot Ice Boot

Designed for use with Flexyfoot ferrules, the ice boot simply pulls on over the ferrule "foot" and provides the extra grip needed to give you confidence when walking in icy conditions.

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Consists of two parts

The Ice Boot

This is a pull-on accessory for the Flexyfoot ferrule foot and has a circular array of stainless steel teeth moulded into the underside designed to dig into snow or ice. It is easy to pull on or off so you can adapt your walking aid according to the weather conditions.

The Cover

This is the cover for the boot. It fits over the teeth of the Ice Boot to shroud the sharp teeth when not in use. It is also designed with the same properties as the ferrule foot to provide maximum grip when going from the ice and snow to indoors without having to remove the Boot. The cover protects the floor from the sharp teeth and prevents slip or damage. Ideally suited to only short term use.

Technical Information

  • Works on snow and ice
  • Easily fitted and removed
  • Fits in your pocket for convenience