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A selection of our happy customers…

  • I have used your Flexyfoot ferrule on my walking sticks since they were first devised. And can say I have never ever had a better type of ferrule.

    I purchased my ferrule at a Naidex exhibition and its still the original with very little ware, and expect it to last for as long as I need to use a walking stick. I would recommend everyone to use a flexyfoot, it is the safe way.

    Robert Cooper
  • I’d been suffering from percussion from my normal walking stick especially when trying to increase my length of walks. A month and a half from receiving my Flexyfoot I’ve had no pain in my wrist and that’s after 10 days of quite challenging terrain on Tenerife. The wider flexible foot was rock steady. Great product.

  • I am only on my second day of using the folding flexyfoot with soft grip handle, bought it in blue, looks really funky and trendy as I’m only 38, my first was a telescopic cork handle in black which I also love. Having a new car and did not want to bump or scratch it, it’s brilliant, folds away easily and neatly in the storage bag provided, very light weight but strong and feels sturdy. The ferrule does what is says on the tin. Helps me get up from my low wall in the garden when taking my dog out. Can be used safely and is sturdy on many angles and tilts and that’s on grass. I was a bit worried before I bought it as the handle looked very big and clumpy but it looks bigger on the site, the soft grip handle fits into my palm nicely and is so comfy to use (I have neuropathy) as is the cork handle (my old fold away walking stick would make a cling and clang noise, this one is nice and quiet so no more feeling like the tin man lol). So happy I got 1 of each will buy more in future. Next on the list is the Hiking cane for the summer, which I have bought before by mistake but it is brill as a walking cane for dog walking or hikers.. my only bad point is the straps on all products are a bit rough on the skin, but not worth losing a star for, and easily rectified by buying straps on ebay and getting my mam to sow it on ( Cheers Mam). Don’t think of the cost as being high think of it as an investment that will last and save you strain and muscle pain, thanks David and your lovely staff at Flexyfoot.

  • Excellent product. I have dementia and an unsteady gait so this product is perfect for me. I’ve had one since they came out and this is my second one

  • I have weak and deformed hands (through rheumatoid arthritis) and have found using a stick a problem as it causes hand pain. The Flexyfoot stick is very comfortable to use, no shocks up the arm and the shape of the handle makes it easier to hold. A wonderful product. Thank you.

    Margaret Brooke
  • The grip and flexible angle of the ferrules is far superior to any other crutch my husband has used. Although it takes time to get used to the open cuff after using a closed cuff, it is more versatile and comfortable. The feel and the appearance of the black material of the crutches both give an air of quality.

    Helen Burnham
  • Patrick, aged 12, ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee during a game of rugby. A five hour operation later his ligament has been re-constructed and attached again to the bone on his knee. He has three months limited weight bearing recovery to undertake before he is walking again.

    One of the worst post-operative pains he complained of, especially at night, was ribcage and back pain from learning to walk without wight bearing on his right knee with normal NHS crutches and the strain this caused.

    Within two days of using Flexyfoot crutches and ferrules the pain had gone. Whilst he hardly ‘bounces’ around he is increasingly mobile and the NHS crutches sit as spectators against the wall

    Neither Patrick or myself are left in any doubt that the Flexyfoot ferrules and the light and smart crutches will help his recovery and we cannot recommend them enough. I work as a rheumatology consultant in an NHS hospital and have recommended Flexyfoot to the physio department in hospital and to individual patients since

    Dr Rod Hughes
  • Purchased this for my husband – great walking / hiking pole much more stable than a conventional pole

    Jan Clarke
  • I bought the walking stick for my father. He is thrilled with it, he felt the benefits instantly. I would recommend this product for anyone requiring a walking stick.

  • I did not see it or use ; I bought it for my aunt who lives in Poland. The delivery was impressively fast. Thank you so much!

  • When my physio saw this, she said ‘Wow! That’s hard core!’ I have Flexyfoot ferrules on ordinary walking sticks and I have a pair of Flexyfoot crutches, so I already had a lot of confidence in the company’s products. I chose the blue, and love the colour. What really interested me was the design of the handle. I’m still getting used to it, but it does feel comfortable and very safe, although the stick itself is heavier than others I own. It’s a good idea to have a built- in strap, but the reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 is the design of the strap itself. Perhaps it’s a question of getting used to the width, but it seems to get in the way more than a conventional strap. This may be because, being female, I have to manage shopping bags, handbags and purses while shopping. The design of the handle means you can’t hook the stick over, say, the shop counter when you’re trying to manage a purse and your purchase. When you’re at the checkout and there’s a queue behind you, it’s hard not to feel flustered or embarrassed when you’re aware you’re holding people up because you don’t have a third hand … Currently, the two ends of the strap are fed through a rucksack-type buckle so that you can adjust the length. However, you can’t undo the buckle itself. If that could be replaced by a quick-release buckle like those found on lanyards, you could quickly release the ends of the strap and then clip them closed again to secure the stick to the strap of your shopping bag or handbag. It would also help to secure the stick on tri-walkers or rollators, since the velcro strap provided to secure sticks on these devices aren’t very good quality and tend to fail pretty quickly. So come on, Flexyfoot designers, what about it? It’s my only niggle, but to me it’s an important one. I’d certainly be glad to be your guinea pig …

    Dr Carrie Smith
  • I have been using The Flexyfoot cork handle telescopic walking stick for 3 days now and find it amazing compared to others on the market, I initially bought the hiking cane thinking it looked better as I did not know at the time I could buy a walking stick with cork handle, after speaking with David the MD, he talked me through what aid would be best for me, I find it much better than the hiking pole. (Hiking pole for hiking don’t do the mistake I did if unsure call customer services) Try the walking stick superior to any other on the market and very supporting and looks cool, I am only in my 30’s and don’t feel like I’m being stared at when out and about, a few people have asked me where to get a flexyfoot as they look funky. I will be buying it in blue in the next few months, only small quibble is the strap on the stick it is very coarse on the skin, easily rectified took soft strap off old stick and used that instead. (please rethink the strap) All in all fantastic bit of kit and great communication and help from the main office) Thank you very much, a must have for anyone with mobility issues, try you won’t be disappointed !! the price is fair and you could be VAT exempt. Thanks Millions Team at FlexyFoot 🙂

    Damian Davies
  • Just been using it for a week. It is much better than the ordinary walking stick rubber. The grip is excellent and would highly recommend it.

  • My mum says this is the best walking stick she has had. It supports her weight which is good as she is a plus size lady.Great design.Would recommend to anyone.

  • I purchased a Flexyfoot ferrule recently and have experienced greater stability and increased confidence while walking so much so that I now go out walking alone. I have MS and use a stick to get around. Purchased on the internet the ferrule arrived in Sweden where we live within a few days. Excellent service and a wonderful addition to my walking aids arsenal

    Meryl Dhir
  • this is my second flexyfoot ferrule find it more stable and they last a long time i had the first one at least two years

    g hickman
  • Excellent stability on uneven surfaces and a very comfortable handle have only had it seven days so will see how it goes and report back.

    Mike Ray
  • This is an excellent product and I find the cork handle very comfortable. The ferrule is a touch of genius and is better than I could of imagined. This is my walking stick of choice from now on.

    Colin Millard
  • My wife uses a standard walking stick and saw an advert for Flexyfoot in one of her magazines, so I did a bit of online research and watched the video and decided to try one of the standard 19mm ferrules. Fitting it was easy and my wife immediately felt an improvement when walking with her stick. She has a number of walking sticks so I said we could replace the standard ferrules with Flexyfoot ones. I was told no, as she want to use it for a long trial period. The end result was she has asked me to get replacement Flexyfoot ferrules for her other walking sticks. I am not in anyway connected to Flexyfoot but truly believe that credit should be given where it is due. It is due regarding this product! So thank you on behalf of my wife. Truly it is a quality, helpful addition that does what it says on the tin!

    Charles McGhee
  • A brilliant idea well constructed, but might I suggest one that is still capable of further development. Most of the equivalent heavy duty NHS ferrules have a collar some 40mm deep rather than the “flexyfoot’s” 25mm depth and as a result fix more securely to the stick, putting less strain on the end of the shaft. Even if a slight redesign is currently out of the question guidance on drilling a very small pin hole in the collar for a brass pin might be a good idea.

    Were ‘Flexyfoot’ to introduce a lighter weight (narrower diameter sort of “Twikletoes” version) more suitable for elegant, primarily indoor use canes, the increased collar depth would be perhaps more important. It may seem paradoxical but using an elegant evening stick or antique cane on a polished floor can be just as fraught as walking on ice if it slips when you least expect it! Does the bellows bit have to be vivid orange? An all over black version would be more discrete.

    None of this diminishes the fact that this is a good, well priced, product that should last.

    Bill Maxted