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A selection of our happy customers…

  • They are great! I bought Flexyfoot for my stick which has dramatically cut my shoulder pain down, and made me more stable on my stick. The added rotation has made my the ferrule last soooooo much longer. 6 months with Flexyfoot compared to a MAX of 6 weeks before I found them!

  • Attractive, lightweight and robust stick with a great ferrule design. I bought one for my mother and Flexyfoot were very good at replacing it with the longer sized version when I realised I had purchased the smalier size. The products deserve to be a great success.

    alastair cameron
  • I bought 2 telescopic walking sticks with cork handles about 9 months ago & have been absolutely delighted with them. They’re very well made, tough & the flexible rubber ends are so effective that they instil greater confidence when walking on all sorts of surfaces.

    I’ve been using a functional electronic stimulator for a number of years to help lift my left foot. Recently, this has been upgraded to a wireless WalkAide FES, & the combination of this & using two Flexyfoot walking sticks has massively improved my walking ability & mobility.

    I can thoroughly recommend both products, especially the Flexyfoot walking sticks which are effective both with & without the additional FES.

    David Thompson
  • I purchased a flexy foot to replace my original fitted ferrule on an arm crutch. It has been so comfortable using on uneven surfaces and slopes I don’t think I would be able to go back to a static type. I also found the life has been over 3 times of standard ferrule. Thank you to the designers of this great product for making life comfortable and easier.. highly recommended…

    Damian Covert Investigation Services
  • I first purchased a flexyfoot Ferrule at a Naidex exhibition (where the then Distributor Trulife had a stand) when it was new to the market (cannot remember the year) and it has been excellent in performance ever since, with no wear at all, as I need to use my walking stick daily. On the second year I visited the Naidex exhibition, I spoke to the team and they sent me a pack containing Flexyfoot leaflets and stick gauges, and the possibility of an Ice foot was being planned. Well at last the Ice Foot is here and I have just placed an order. Well done Flexyfoot, keep up the good work.

    Robert F. Cooper
  • I ordered a pair of crutches with special rubber hand grips as I have arthritis in my knees and hands amongst many and my dealings with Flexyfoot could not have been better. My friend bought me the ferrules for Christmas last year and they made such a difference to me, then I entered a competition with them and won and actually had the great experience of meeting them and they could not have been more helpful and they organised my crutches and they were so quick and the communication could not have been better, I am so grateful. So happy that when my go saw them he’s so impressed he intends to tell more people about them. Thank you to all at Flexyfoot for being so helpful. So happy xx

    Elaine Bowell
  • Notes from a very satisfied customer: I am an elderly person with rather advanced post-polio syndrome and its attendant problems. After reading an article in a recent edition of the British Polio Bulletin about David Goodwin and his invention Flexyfoot i thought “Eureka” I must treat myself to a pair of telescopic walking sticks as described. They are great and a real boon in helping me with my balance. I find them light to use and comfortable to handle. However there was one small fly in the ointment – one of the sticks rattled. I traced the very minor problem and made a Heath Robinson repair with some black tape and then the stick was fine. I thought I would mention the rattle to Flexyfoot. I had a charming email in return offering to replace the stick. And as I said in my original email to them, I think they are wonderful.

    Olive Nudds
  • My husband has had a folding flexyfoot walking stick for some time now working perfectly but like all men he has to tinker with it thank you so much for your quick despatch of spare washers.

    Margaret Gwilliam
  • Really impressed with mine. I must admit I was slightly sceptical that a pair of crutches could be worth £70+ (by the time they’re delivered) but having used them for a couple of weeks now I can say they are well worth it. They are rock solid, silent (I hated the clacking noise the NHS crutches made when I walked) and feel very secure. The grip and shock absorption of these crutches are absolutely brilliant. They are especially good on uneven surfaces and sloping pavements. If you are going to have to use crutches for any reasonable amount of time, I can’t recommend enough that you buy a pair of these crutches. You’ll understand why when you use them.

  • I have now purchased 3 walking sticks of every variety, cork handle, telescopic and folding. I am impressed by the stability and flexibility that the ferrule offers. Sadly I cannot give a higher rating because they are very expensive, as is the postage; unjustified in my opinion. I would love a pair of crutches but at £55.00 I simply cannot afford them.

    Gilliam Smith
  • Just wanted to give some feedback on my Flexyfoot Walking pole/walking stick that I got at Naidex this year.

    I love my Flexyfoot stick, especially the way the ferrule rotates to accommodate all types of terrain and provides great shock absorption, making it less painful than a standard waking pole or walking stick.
    The shape of the cork grip handle makes it easy to hold and the cork stops the handle getting too warm and sticky.
    The only down side for me is the position of the wrist strap as it interferes with holding onto the grip handle, would have been better positioned at the neck of the grip handle, where it joins the shaft of the stick!!

    Overall a great product for the price and I’m now using it everyday instead of my walking stick!

    Happy for you to use any of the above feedback for your website, as we discussed!

    Jude Cookson, Occupational Therapist.

    Jude Cookson
  • I have four oval-handled sticks. Excellent products. Recently bought cork-handled one. Very much less comfortable handle and lmpractical position for loop. Looks smarter though!

    Derek Ellis
  • I have a ruptured Achilles and the hospital have me some ridiculous $40 crutches. So I immediately started researching to see if anyone had improved on the standard crutch. I ended up reading about Flexyfoot and within about 4 days I had them shipped to Singapore from the UK. They are much better than I exorcted… less pain, more stable/flexible and so simple. No one should be using the antiquated crutch anymore and this should be a standard item issued by any decent healthcare unstitution and cost is certainly irrelevant in the discussion given the benefits.

    Michael Drummond
  • If you want the best,
    Then forget the rest,
    It’s Flexyfoot every time!!!
    I’ve been a flexyfoot user since seeing a messageboard conversation on Ouch (when they still had them). Someone mentioned how good flexyfoot ferrules were and after doing a little investigation of my own, I thought I’d try them out.
    I’ve never used any other ferrules since.
    Recently I treated myself to a pair of flexyfoot folding walking sticks and to be honest, I love them.
    The handles feel very comfortable in my hands, they are easier to hold and don’t cause cramp or feel awkward. The sticks are very sturdy and I feel safer using them compared to my old conventional handled sticks. Flexyfoot ferrules and sticks are the cat’s pyjamas!
    Many Thanks to David and all the Staff at Flexyfoot x

    Nicola Butler
  • Excellent quality, sturdy and very comfortable in use. First class service from the team and fast delivery, even in France!

    Ronald Owen
  • I have been using these for 4 years, I push my wheelchair with sticks and have found these are excellent and saved my shoulders of undue stress. Highly recommended.

    Bob Hepple
  • These crutches are amazing they have changed my life ! I have MS I love these crutches they are anti slip which has given me more confidence when walking on different surfaces they are so comfortable too ! Can’t recommend these crutches enough ! Don’t think about it just get them you won’t be disappointed ! My only wee gripe is that I would love to see them in more colours ! I believe that if you have to use crutches, wheelchairs or any other things to help with your disability, you may as well love them or you won’t use them !!!! So good luck to everyone who decides to purchase these crutches! They really are amazing.

    Angela Mcculloch
  • I love Flexyfoot! I’ve been using them for over a year on my crutches and I find that I feel MUCH more secure using crutches with these ferrules rather than traditional ferrules. I’ve now replaced all the old style ferrules with Flexyfoot. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size, sent them back for a replacement in the correct size, and within the week, the new ferrules arrived and I was not charged postage! I can walk faster and greater distances now. I feel safer, even walking on wet pavements, uneven ground or grass. Most recently, I ordered new crutches with Flexyfoot on a Monday. I am only 4’10” tall and so I need my crutches to be cut down to size. I spoke directly to the MD who couldn’t have been more encouraging and said this would be no trouble at all. On Thursday (of the same week) the new crutches, perfectly sized and perfect in every other way arrived! I am SO impressed with the products and with the service and it feels so personal and friendly. I am so glad I’ve found Flexyfoot!

    Janet Fabb
  • Being a hindquarter amputee on crutches in the Alps has always been a challenge and pretty unnerving. I have tried numerous crutch ferrules with spikes, pop up spikes et al but the Flexyfoot Ice Foot is streets ahead of anything else I have experienced. It has all the advantages of the regular ferrule plus spikes that are excellent on snow, ice, slush and Tarmac and The wide base gives excellent stability. I take the covers off as I get out of the car and put them back on when going inside. I literally drop them on the floor and push them on. I probably shouldn’t cover so much ground with the covers on but hey, they’re fantastic.
    Ice Feet have changed my life and I now have total confidence on any frozen surface. Well done Flexyfoot and Thank You!

    Simon Henson
  • Bought this for my husband who has a severe problem with his left ankle & a worn out left shoulder joint partly from heavy use of one crutch. From the moment he put it on his crutch it worked at relieving the pain in his shoulder. Can’t recommend this enough. It’s brilliant & will always use this type of ferrule now.

    S. Murray