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Flexyfoot Telescopic Walking Sticks

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Product Description

Why Should I Choose A Telescopic Stick?

The rigid telescopic design allows for easy height adjustment making it as comfortable to use as possible.

Fitted with Flexyfoot as standard, our telescopic walking stick is available in blue or black. 

Not right for you? Take a look at our Folding Flexyfoot Walking Stick if that’s more your style!

Cork Handle vs Oval Handle

Introducing the beautifully stylish and infinitely comfortable cork handle for the Flexyfoot walking sticks! Designed to make your stick feel more like a sporty hiking pole, while retaining the robust weight bearing capability of a walking stick or walking cane. With smooth and breathable cork over-molded onto a structured matt black base, this handle provides ultimate comfort.

Born out of a desire to inject some design and style into walking sticks, the unique oval handle offers soft grip along with an ergonomic design to improve comfort and stability. 

Crafted to spread the forces over a wide area of the hand to reduce the stress and impact, it is reminiscent of a Fischer style handle but with the benefit of being able to be used in either hand. The handle has also been designed so that your weight sits directly over the stick rather than being offset. This keeps the wrist and hand in a neutral position which reduces strain and injury.

Technical Information

  • Max User Weight: 130KG
  • Height Adjustment: 71cm-96.5cm.
  • Tested to EN 1134-4-9 Static load and Fatigue Tests.

Additional Information

Weight 400 g
Handle Style

Oval, Cork

17 reviews for Flexyfoot Telescopic Walking Sticks

  1. :

    Excellent stick in every way.
    The soft ergonomically designed handle is great to hold and has the added advantage that when I stand it against a wall it grips and doesn’t slide across the wall and fall down like other sticks.
    The wrist strap solves the issues at check-outs, for example. I can get my wallet out and pay without having to juggle with the stick.
    It looks good and,of course, with it’s FlexiFoot I feel much more confident it will grip in most circumstances.

  2. :

    I am finding that the Flexyfoot works well on uneven terrain, and it gripped impeccably in torrential rain today as I went to see a physiotherapist.
    He was impressed by the shock-absorber, and asked me where I had found it.
    I live in France, but was able to tell him that I had bought it on-line from England with a French bank card.
    My bad ankle is a legacy of the war in Bosnia 20 years ago.
    It flares up every now and again and can leave me limping for a couple of weeks, but it can do that without warning, so I shall keep one Flexyfoot in the house and one in the car.
    One word of caution: if you are ordering from outside the UK, allow at least two weeks for it to arrive.
    It’s an excellent product, which was brought home to me when I was in a sports shop today and tried walking with the sticks that people use for long walks here – no comparison.

  3. :

    Excellent quality, sturdy and very comfortable in use. First class service from the team and fast delivery, even in France!

  4. 3 out of 5


    I have four oval-handled sticks. Excellent products. Recently bought cork-handled one. Very much less comfortable handle and lmpractical position for loop. Looks smarter though!

  5. :

    Notes from a very satisfied customer: I am an elderly person with rather advanced post-polio syndrome and its attendant problems. After reading an article in a recent edition of the British Polio Bulletin about David Goodwin and his invention Flexyfoot i thought “Eureka” I must treat myself to a pair of telescopic walking sticks as described. They are great and a real boon in helping me with my balance. I find them light to use and comfortable to handle. However there was one small fly in the ointment – one of the sticks rattled. I traced the very minor problem and made a Heath Robinson repair with some black tape and then the stick was fine. I thought I would mention the rattle to Flexyfoot. I had a charming email in return offering to replace the stick. And as I said in my original email to them, I think they are wonderful.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I bought 2 telescopic walking sticks with cork handles about 9 months ago & have been absolutely delighted with them. They’re very well made, tough & the flexible rubber ends are so effective that they instil greater confidence when walking on all sorts of surfaces.

    I’ve been using a functional electronic stimulator for a number of years to help lift my left foot. Recently, this has been upgraded to a wireless WalkAide FES, & the combination of this & using two Flexyfoot walking sticks has massively improved my walking ability & mobility.

    I can thoroughly recommend both products, especially the Flexyfoot walking sticks which are effective both with & without the additional FES.

  7. :

    Attractive, lightweight and robust stick with a great ferrule design. I bought one for my mother and Flexyfoot were very good at replacing it with the longer sized version when I realised I had purchased the smalier size. The products deserve to be a great success.

  8. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is an excellent product and I find the cork handle very comfortable. The ferrule is a touch of genius and is better than I could of imagined. This is my walking stick of choice fro now on.

  9. :

    Excellent stability on uneven surfaces and a very comfortable handle have only had it seven days so will see how it goes and report back.

  10. :

    My mum says this is the best walking stick she has had. It supports her weight which is good as she is a plus size lady.Great design.Would recommend to anyone.

  11. 5 out of 5


    I have been using The Flexyfoot cork handle telescopic walking stick for 3 days now and find it amazing compared to others on the market, I initially bought the hiking cane thinking it looked better as I did not know at the time I could buy a walking stick with cork handle, after speaking with David the MD, he talked me through what aid would be best for me, I find it much better than the hiking pole. (Hiking pole for hiking don’t do the mistake I did if unsure call customer services) Try the walking stick superior to any other on the market and very supporting and looks cool, I am only in my 30’s and don’t feel like I’m being stared at when out and about, a few people have asked me where to get a flexyfoot as they look funky. I will be buying it in blue in the next few months, only small quibble is the strap on the stick it is very coarse on the skin, easily rectified took soft strap off old stick and used that instead. (please rethink the strap) All in all fantastic bit of kit and great communication and help from the main office) Thank you very much, a must have for anyone with mobility issues, try you won’t be disappointed !! the price is fair and you could be VAT exempt. Thanks Millions Team at FlexyFoot 🙂

  12. :

    When my physio saw this, she said ‘Wow! That’s hard core!’ I have Flexyfoot ferrules on ordinary walking sticks and I have a pair of Flexyfoot crutches, so I already had a lot of confidence in the company’s products. I chose the blue, and love the colour. What really interested me was the design of the handle. I’m still getting used to it, but it does feel comfortable and very safe, although the stick itself is heavier than others I own. It’s a good idea to have a built- in strap, but the reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 is the design of the strap itself. Perhaps it’s a question of getting used to the width, but it seems to get in the way more than a conventional strap. This may be because, being female, I have to manage shopping bags, handbags and purses while shopping. The design of the handle means you can’t hook the stick over, say, the shop counter when you’re trying to manage a purse and your purchase. When you’re at the checkout and there’s a queue behind you, it’s hard not to feel flustered or embarrassed when you’re aware you’re holding people up because you don’t have a third hand … Currently, the two ends of the strap are fed through a rucksack-type buckle so that you can adjust the length. However, you can’t undo the buckle itself. If that could be replaced by a quick-release buckle like those found on lanyards, you could quickly release the ends of the strap and then clip them closed again to secure the stick to the strap of your shopping bag or handbag. It would also help to secure the stick on tri-walkers or rollators, since the velcro strap provided to secure sticks on these devices aren’t very good quality and tend to fail pretty quickly. So come on, Flexyfoot designers, what about it? It’s my only niggle, but to me it’s an important one. I’d certainly be glad to be your guinea pig …

  13. :

    I did not see it or use ; I bought it for my aunt who lives in Poland. The delivery was impressively fast. Thank you so much!

  14. 5 out of 5


    I bought the walking stick for my father. He is thrilled with it, he felt the benefits instantly. I would recommend this product for anyone requiring a walking stick.

  15. :

    I have weak and deformed hands (through rheumatoid arthritis) and have found using a stick a problem as it causes hand pain. The Flexyfoot stick is very comfortable to use, no shocks up the arm and the shape of the handle makes it easier to hold. A wonderful product. Thank you.

  16. :

    Excellent product. I have dementia and an unsteady gait so this product is perfect for me. I’ve had one since they came out and this is my second one

  17. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’d been suffering from percussion from my normal walking stick especially when trying to increase my length of walks. A month and a half from receiving my Flexyfoot I’ve had no pain in my wrist and that’s after 10 days of quite challenging terrain on Tenerife. The wider flexible foot was rock steady. Great product.

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