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Flexyfoot Folding Walking Sticks

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Product Description

Why Should I Choose a Folding Stick?

Inject some vitality into your walking aid and try our folding walking stick, with the choice of a cork or oval handle and a Flexyfoot ferrule fitted as standard.

Easily adjustable, the folding design also makes this walking stick compact and very convenient to transport with its own carry bag included.

Available in two lengths, Long – adjustable between 83.7cm and 93.7cm and Short – adjustable between 72cm and 85cm

Also available in a telescopic version!

Cork Handle vs Oval Handle

Introducing the beautifully stylish and infinitely comfortable cork handle for the Flexyfoot walking sticks! Designed to make your stick feel more like a sporty hiking pole, while retaining the robust weight bearing capability of a walking stick or walking cane. With smooth and breathable cork over-molded onto a structured matt black base, this handle provides ultimate comfort.

The unique oval handle offers soft grip along with an ergonomic design to improve comfort and stability.

Crafted to spread the forces over a wide area of the hand to reduce the stress and impact, it is reminiscent of a Fischer style handle but with the benefit of being able to be used in either hand. The handle has also been designed so that your weight sits directly over the stick rather than being offset. This keeps the wrist and hand in a neutral position which reduces strain and injury.

Technical Information

  • Max User weight 130KG
  • Adjustable between 72cm and 85cm (Short) & 83.7cm and 93.7cm (Long)
  • Folds into three pieces

Additional Information

Weight 400 g

7 reviews for Flexyfoot Folding Walking Sticks

  1. 5 out of 5


    I love this walking stick. I had already got a flexyfoot for my old wooden stick but decided to treat myself to a new stick. The handle is very comfortable. It looks quite trendy too. I would like a green one. Can you do some more different colours please.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I bought a ferrule when they first came out, and was delighted when the walking sticks appeared. I bought one of each! They are sturdy and well made, and the ergonomic handles are so much better than conventional stick handles. I feel more secure and confident using them, and as I have osteoarthritis in my hand the reduction in pressure afforded by the Flexifoot stick handle and secure ferrule has been a tremendous help to me.

    I like the funky design of my blue sticks – just because you are less abled should not mean dull, poorly designed products. The less abled are ‘disabled ‘ by others, including suppliers of poorly designed and unattractive items. So we’ll done Flexifoot !

    If you are someone looking for a really well designed and attractive walking stick, try the Flexifoot.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    If you want the best,
    Then forget the rest,
    It’s Flexyfoot every time!!!
    I’ve been a flexyfoot user since seeing a messageboard conversation on Ouch (when they still had them). Someone mentioned how good flexyfoot ferrules were and after doing a little investigation of my own, I thought I’d try them out.
    I’ve never used any other ferrules since.
    Recently I treated myself to a pair of flexyfoot folding walking sticks and to be honest, I love them.
    The handles feel very comfortable in my hands, they are easier to hold and don’t cause cramp or feel awkward. The sticks are very sturdy and I feel safer using them compared to my old conventional handled sticks. Flexyfoot ferrules and sticks are the cat’s pyjamas!
    Many Thanks to David and all the Staff at Flexyfoot x

  4. :

    Just wanted to give some feedback on my Flexyfoot Walking pole/walking stick that I got at Naidex this year.

    I love my Flexyfoot stick, especially the way the ferrule rotates to accommodate all types of terrain and provides great shock absorption, making it less painful than a standard waking pole or walking stick.
    The shape of the cork grip handle makes it easy to hold and the cork stops the handle getting too warm and sticky.
    The only down side for me is the position of the wrist strap as it interferes with holding onto the grip handle, would have been better positioned at the neck of the grip handle, where it joins the shaft of the stick!!

    Overall a great product for the price and I’m now using it everyday instead of my walking stick!

    Happy for you to use any of the above feedback for your website, as we discussed!

    Jude Cookson, Occupational Therapist.

  5. 3 out of 5


    I have now purchased 3 walking sticks of every variety, cork handle, telescopic and folding. I am impressed by the stability and flexibility that the ferrule offers. Sadly I cannot give a higher rating because they are very expensive, as is the postage; unjustified in my opinion. I would love a pair of crutches but at £55.00 I simply cannot afford them.

  6. :

    My husband has had a folding flexyfoot walking stick for some time now working perfectly but like all men he has to tinker with it thank you so much for your quick despatch of spare washers.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I am only on my second day of using the folding flexyfoot with soft grip handle, bought it in blue, looks really funky and trendy as I’m only 38, my first was a telescopic cork handle in black which I also love. Having a new car and did not want to bump or scratch it, it’s brilliant, folds away easily and neatly in the storage bag provided, very light weight but strong and feels sturdy. The ferrule does what is says on the tin. Helps me get up from my low wall in the garden when taking my dog out. Can be used safely and is sturdy on many angles and tilts and that’s on grass. I was a bit worried before I bought it as the handle looked very big and clumpy but it looks bigger on the site, the soft grip handle fits into my palm nicely and is so comfy to use (I have neuropathy) as is the cork handle (my old fold away walking stick would make a cling and clang noise, this one is nice and quiet so no more feeling like the tin man lol). So happy I got 1 of each will buy more in future. Next on the list is the Hiking cane for the summer, which I have bought before by mistake but it is brill as a walking cane for dog walking or hikers.. my only bad point is the straps on all products are a bit rough on the skin, but not worth losing a star for, and easily rectified by buying straps on ebay and getting my mam to sow it on ( Cheers Mam). Don’t think of the cost as being high think of it as an investment that will last and save you strain and muscle pain, thanks David and your lovely staff at Flexyfoot.

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