"I received my new walking stick yesterday and I love it. It feels good and it looks good!"

“I received my new walking stick yesterday and I love it. It feels good and it looks good!”

Introducing the new Flexyfoot walking stick – made with love for the fashion conscious who want a stylish, yet comfortable, stick without the institutional label!

The Flexyfoot walking stick

Are you looking for a stylish and funky walking stick that is still comfortable to use? A cool walking stick associated with activity and vitality rather than a standard aid that is, let’s face it, ageing and boring! If so, the Flexyfoot walking stick is for you.

The new Flexyfoot walking stick

Desirable but functional and comfortable, our newest members to the range are made for the discerning stick user who is tired of the ‘institutional look’ or has been using a hiking pole instead of stick for support.

Telescopic or folding sticks

Flexyfoot walking sticks come in either a folding or telescopic version and in either black or blue. For those that aren’t sure, telescopic walking sticks slide up and down to meet the right height. Folding walking sticks do exactly what it says on the tin, fold into a more compact side for traveling out and about. The Flexyfoot folding walking sticks are still fully adjustable for comfort and stability.

Of course, a Flexyfoot ferrule is fitted as standard – you can find out more about the benefits of the Flexyfoot ferrule here  and how our ferrules can reduce discomfort and increase your confidence when walking.

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Oval or cork handles

Design led and funky, the Flexyfoot walking stick has a new moulded handle that is comfortable and gives a good grip. It comes in two different versions:

The oval handled walking stick has been crafted to spread the forces over a wide area of the hand to reduce the stress and impact, a bit like wearing comfy shoes over a pair of stilettos! The handle has also been designed so that your weight sits directly over the stick rather than being offset. This keeps the wrist and hand in a neutral position which reduces strain and injury.

The cork handled walking stick has been designed to feel more like a sporty hiking pole, while retaining the robust weight bearing capability of a walking stick or walking cane. The smooth, breathable cork provides the coolness and comfort.

If you’re looking for a sporty hiking pole, you might be interested in our new pole with Flexyfoot fitted as standard.

* Flexyfoot provides 50% more grip than a standard ferrule. Grip depends on the conditions, the terrain and the user. We cannot guarantee Flexyfoot will not slip.