Walking sticks vs hiking poles

We realised that many people had started to use a hiking pole instead of a stick, as poles are more designer and less ‘disabled’.

However, we advise that hiking pole users think very carefully about what product is best for them. In the wrong conditions, a hiking pole can be extremely dangerous as poles can offer limited grip on hard surfaces (eg pavements) traditional ferrules are also just a very small rubber tip or metal spike which isn’t very stable. Pole handles also haven’t been designed to support a person’s body weight in case of a slip. It’s also important to be able to securely adjust the size of the pole or stick to provide optimum support and stability.

The Flexyfoot walking stick has been designed to overcome all of these issues and has been designed to look and feel like a sport pole but with the safety and functionality of a proper stick – all with the added bonus of an integral Flexyfoot. We think it looks cool!

If you are keen to use a hiking pole, the Flexyfoot urban hiking pole has been designed to provide stability and comfort. It has the Flexyfoot ferrule fitted as standard which provides shock absorbing support and grip when walking. In addition is easily renewable, extending the life of your hiking pole.

Cork Handles Telescopic Blue vStick opened a ( blue )