About Us

Flexyfoot aims to transform the walking aid sector by offering real solutions to the problems faced by those who need a stick or crutch to stay mobile. Flexyfoot products are designed to not only look good but have proven medical and therapeutic benefits to give safe and flexible support to those who need it.  

Flexyfoot FerruleThe original Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrule is the result of three years of extensive research, design and development and has been created with the help of a leading orthopaedic surgeon. The Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrule has been tested to the latest ISO standard for endurance and slip resistance and is well received by medical professionals. 
Flexyfoot Folding Walking StickOur range of folding and telescopic walking sticks, fitted with the signature Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrule as standard, have been designed and developed using superior quality materials and fixings to offer reliable and quiet support. ISO and BN tested for strength and durability to ensure a safe and long lasting product. See our full range here.
Flexyfoot CrutchOur range of stylish Flexyfoot High Performance crutches, fitted with the signature Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrule as standard, are sourced from a leading manufacturer, sometimes referred to as “the Rolls-Royce of crutches”. We are pleased to be able these offer these superior crutches under the Flexyfoot brand. See our range range here.

Flexyfoot meets the latest CE marking regulations so you can be sure of our commitment to quality and compliance.

Designed and assembled in Great Britain!

The innovative and unique Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrule was designed and developed in the UK and all our products are assembled, packaged and dispatched by our UK fulfilment team.

Get in touch

Part of our design process is listening to our users and taking feedback on board. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with Flexyfoot and how it makes you feel. You can contact us through the website.

Some legal stuff

Flexyfoot Intellectual Property

The Flexyfoot ferrule/tip/foot is protected by the following patents:

European Union UK: 2200554

USA: 12/733448

The Flexyfoot oval walking stick/cane handle UK Registered Design No: 4030073

The Flexyfoot name is trademarked: 2519144