Revolutionary Ferrules, Walking Aids & Walking Sticks

Flexyfoot is the must have accessory for anyone who needs a walking stick, walking cane or crutches to get around. Flexyfoot is designed to replace the old-fashioned ‘ferrule’, aka rubber tip.

Shock absorbing and with more grip, they make using a walking aid more comfortable and safer, even on wet or shiny floors!

We are really excited that our new enhanced “wet grip” feet are now available to purchase online and will be available in your local stores soon. Specifically designed to provide more grip and security on those tricky wet or shiny surfaces, the new foot (which is fully interchangeable with our existing ferrules) after tests has been shown to provide up to 250% more grip than our previous version!

Our testers have taken them swimming, on hikes, golfing and on many more adventures, as well as just around town and the response has been astounding. Get your upgrades now online.