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A Q&A session with Jon Hilton

A Q&A session with Jon Hilton

A Q&A session with Jon Hilton

Jon Hilton is a war veteran who is a LBK amputee.  He is now an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  Jon has been using Flexyfoot products since becoming an amputee, so we got in touch to find out a little bit more about him and his Flexyfoot experience. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your time in the Armed Forces?  

I joined the Royal Engineers straight from school and never regretted any of it. I was training in many construction trades including bricklaying, concreting, roofing etc. I served on operations on various Balkans tours as well as Northern Ireland and Iraq.

During my time I was stationed in Germany, Cyprus, UK, Canada, Kenya, and many other locations. I enjoyed playing rugby league at a good level representing the Corps of Royal Engineers, British Army and Combined Services before taking on coaching roles within some of these. I fished for the corps and took part in many skydiving courses amounting to 177 jumps in total. Sport in the Army was a great thing to be a part of and I made the most of it when I could, but first I was a sapper.

When did you realise you wanted to become a motivational speaker?  

When I left the forces and set up my own business, I attended business events to network and on some you had to stand up and tell your “story.” I have had lots of personal and family hurdles to get over, and as I went on a renowned speaker heard me and asked me to do an event and as they say the rest is history as “From Bullets 2 Business” was formed.

What has been your career highlight? 

As a soldier it is to have come back intact from operations. As a sportsman in the forces, it was representing my country in a sport I love.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of being an entrepreneur, motivational speak and medic? 

I enjoy fishing as I find it peaceful and a great way to just chat on the bank with either family or friends.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 

Muhammad Ali has always been my inspiration growing up. He changed boxing and not only in the ring but outside. I have always admired the quote he uses “if my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it”. Outside the celebrity influences it has to be my wife and children who have stuck by me through everything.

If you could change anything to improve the lives of people with a disability, what would it be? 

Having recently become wheelchair bound post amputation, I have learnt just how much we take roads, paths, entrances etc. for granted so it would have to be those.

How did you first get into using Flexyfoot?  

A friend and fellow veteran amputee had discussed them with me and explained the quality, so I purchased some prior to my amputation.

Why did you choose Flexyfoot? 

As a sportsman I have had several sporting injuries which resulted in crutches and I have used all types. Flexyfoot offer so much more than just a crutch. They give that extra stability and support, particularly on uneven surfaces and angled surfaces. Plus, the lightweight design, I cannot see me ever using any other walking aid like such.