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A Q&A session with Sir Lee Pearson CBE

A Q&A session with Sir Lee Pearson CBE

A Q&A session with Sir Lee Pearson CBE

At Flexyfoot we are always keen to hear about and receive honest responses from those that use our Flexyfoot products. We have recently been in touch with Sir Lee Pearson, a GB equestrian and 11-time Paralympian gold medallist. He has been using Flexyfoot for several years.

Here is what Lee has said in his completely honest appraisal of Flexyfoot ferrules:

1. What made you want to try Flexyfoot and how did you hear about us?

I had used NHS standard ferrules since the age of six years old. Flexyfoot contacted me nearly ten years ago asking if I would be interested in trying their ferrules.

2. Which Flexyfoot product was it you used?

Flexyfoot kindly chose me to trial their product for my full-length armpit crutches.

3. How likely is it that you would recommend Flexyfoot to a friend or fellow athlete?

I would 99.9% recommend Flexyfoot to a friend or fellow athlete, in-fact anyone who uses crutches, sticks or a frame.

4. What would you say to someone who asked about Flexyfoot?

They have an unbelievable amount of grip compared to standard ferrules.

5. What are some unique or unusual ways/environments you used Flexyfoot in your everyday life?

I am very, very active so literally everywhere. Slippy stables and yards, once covered driveways, wet rooms that I would normally slip over in. My kitchen is a tiled floor and I easily survive hitting wet patches.

6. What, if anything, changed for you after you started using Flexyfoot?

Confidence in my mobility when walking.

7. Would you buy Flexyfoot in the future?

I definitely would if I wasn’t already being supported by Flexyfoot.

8. Is there anything you would like to add or specifically feedback to us about Flexyfoot?

Sometimes when you catch the edge instead of the bottom it is very very slippy, I wonder whether this area could be made of the same material if it is not already.

Many thanks to Sir Lee for taking the time to share your feedback,

we genuinely appreciate it.

If you’ve a review or a Flexyfoot story you would like to sha

re with us, we would be keen to hear from you.

All the best, 

The Flexyfoot team