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Canadian Adventures with Flexyfoot

Canadian Adventures with Flexyfoot

Canadian Adventures with Flexyfoot

Flexyfoot is available not only in the United Kingdom but are also available globally. Take a look at the Instagram page of Marco Baratta, @monoped_adventures and you will see he takes his Flexyfoot on all sorts of adventures - hiking, dog walking, off roading and more – across Canada.

Following a long battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Marco became a right below knee amputee in 2020. We asked Marco some quick-fire questions about his thoughts on Flexyfoot; this is what he had to say:

What made you want to try Flexyfoot and how did you hear about us? 

My prosthetist, Award Prosthetics suggested trying out Fleyfoot tips on a new pair of crutches.

Which Flexyfoot product was it you used? 

The articulated, suspension crutch tips. 

How likely is it that you would recommend Flexyfoot to a friend? 

Very likely!

What would you say to someone who asked about Flexyfoot?

They are a great product. 

What are some unique or unusual ways/environments you used Flexyfoot in your everyday life?

I have hiked on all sorts of terrain with them.

What, if anything, changed for you after you started using Flexyfoot?

My ability to get out and enjoy the outdoors even on days when I do not wear my prosthesis and use crutches instead. 

Would you buy Flexyfoot in the future? 


It was great catching up with Marco and seeing his Flexyfoot being used in so many beautiful and different places. We look forward to hearing and seeing more about Marco’s adventures with his Flexyfoot.