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Cheering on our Flexyfoot Supporters at the Paralympic Games 2020

Cheering on our Flexyfoot Supporters at the Paralympic Games 2020

Cheering on our Flexyfoot Supporters at the Paralympic Games 2020

Flexyfoot has been used and endorsed by Paralympic athletes for several years. We have athletes not just from the UK, but worldwide who say the Flexyfoot products have made a considerable difference to their sporting confidence.

Earlier this year we caught up with both Sir Lee Person and Susan Seipel to discuss their experiences with Flexyfoot.

Sir Lee Pearson, para dressage champion will be competing at the upcoming Paralympics in Toyko and with his amazing achievements in para dressage to date, he is one to watch.

Having watched the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics, Lee started riding. The rest they say is history… Sir Lee, a grade two rider, has won 11 gold medals and the Toyko games will be his sixth Paralympic games.

When asked what environments Lee uses his Flexyfoot in this is what he had to say: “I am very, very active so literally everywhere. Slippery stables and yards, once covered driveways, wet rooms that I would normally slip over in. My kitchen is a tiled floor and I easily survive hitting wet patches. I would 99.9% recommend Flexyfoot to a friend or fellow athlete; in fact, anyone who uses crutches, sticks or a frame.”

From further afield, Susan Seipel, triple World Champion and Paralympic Bronze Medallist in Para-canoe, is also a fan of Flexyfoot. Susan represented her country at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016 and was the first Australian to win a medal in the para-canoe. She hopes to replicate this success in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games.

Susan was born with a condition called arthrogryposis, characterised by fusion of joints and absent muscle formation in her legs. It affects her mobility, so she spends her time using a wheelchair or crutches and splints to walk.

Prior to using Flexyfoot, Susan found that she would slip on sloped surfaces, which was not ideal when competing in events such as para canoe. Using Flexyfoot, she has found that she no longer slips as the grip of the ferrules always maintains contact with the angled surfaces.

We look forward to supporting both Lee and Susan at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games which are due to begin on 24th August.