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Don’t take our word for it…

Don’t take our word for it…

Don’t take our word for it…

Flexyfoot, British designed and assembled mobility aids, are becoming increasingly popular, not just within the UK but worldwide. We support a range of individuals from those with arthritis, brain tumours, paralysis, amputation, dystonia and arthrogryposis. Our high-performance Flexyfoot ferrule are designed for crutches, sticks and canes. They provide up to 50% more grip and traction than a traditional rubber ferrule whilst also reducing pain and discomfort in the upper body. The Flexyfoot ferrule absorbs shock and impact when it connects with the ground.

Flexyfoot significantly reduces the number of falls people have when using a regular ferrule due to its flexibility and improved grip. Don’t take our word for it though; we’ve gathered some of the feedback we’ve received from members of the public who use our walking sticks and crutches daily.

Shock Absorbing Oval Handle Walking Stick

“Bought this for my grandmother. She says it’s amazing and so stable, not slipping on shiny surfaces. It is more comfortable for her arthritis.”

Cork Handle Walking Stick

“Having used a stick/crutch for many years I can honestly say this one is brilliant. The Flexyfoot shock absorber works so well. If, like me, you have arthritis in your hands it makes a real difference. It is very light to use but feels ultra-safe. This stick is very, very cool and I would recommend to all.”

Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Closed Cuff Comfy Grip Double Adjustable Crutches

“Amazing crutches! I have used crutches on and off for over 40 years. These are super stable, comfortable on the hands and don’t rattle when you use them. They might be slightly heavier than other models, but I think this is due to the super sturdy ferrules that grip well on all surfaces. Highly recommend.”

Comfort Grip Open Cuff Double Adjustable Crutches

“A fantastic life changing product. My partner has used an NHS issue crutch for four years and the new crutch is making such a difference. He is walking more upright. The shock absorbing ferrule has reduced the impact to his shoulder and neck where he was experiencing pain before. The hand grip is much more comfortable, and it looks so much more stylish. He has received many compliments too.”

Shock Absorbing Walking Stick Ferrule

“I'm 34 and have had bursitis in my hip twice and now have fibromyalgia which can make walking agonising. I've been aware of Flexyfoot ferrules for over a year, and I feel like possibly the dumbest disabled person in the world for not getting one sooner. This is platinum level mobility equipment. It's so easy. Measure your walking stick width (without a ferrule); order that size; twist off your ferrule; twist off the foot; slide the boot on; twist the foot back on; lean on the stick until it "pops" into place; enjoy the feather light touch and iron grip of a Flexyfoot. Seriously, it grabs the ground from every angle! I barely have to lean on it, I'm not going anywhere!”

Endorsed by Paralympians such as Sir Lee Pearson, Susan Seipel, Amanda Shirtcliffe and Andrew Skinner, we have seen Flexyfoot products used for support when playing squash, climbing Ben Nevis, Snowdon and soon one of our Flexyfoot users is going to climb to Base Camp Everest. Going further afield Flexyfoot products have been used in Canada on a variety of terrains and have been used in Hawaii to climb Mauna Kea. Where will you take your Flexyfoot?