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Feeling the love…

We love what we do here at Flexyfoot; there’s a great sense of satisfaction that accompanies creating a product that makes people’s lives easier and it’s lovely to hear from some of our happy customers every now and then.

Recently we’ve had quite an influx of comments and feedback about the new range and wanted to share some with you here…

- David Meace purchased two Flexyfoot sticks in January for his disabled daughter Sara who uses two sticks to get around:

“Sara says she feels far more confident with her Flexyfoot sticks and we also note that the actual foot of the stick lasts much longer because it is always squarely in contact with the ground - a good product that’s well thought out!”

- Caron Sprake sits on the advisory panel for a company planning to take the retirement building industry to a higher level of quality for both design and management. She’s responsible for the ‘human touch’ of how things feel and aligning that with what clients think and need. She had this feedback:

“My client with AMD took her folding walking stick on her three week trip to South Africa. She said it was fantastic and gave her so much confidence. She actually said it made her holiday and is now going to give a talk and demonstration at her retirement complex. I will be highly recommending Flexyfoot products as accident prevention is high on my agenda.”

- Satisfied customer Alain H Rowlands had this to say:

“I have specifically purchased this [Flexyfoot ferrule] for our family holiday to fit on my custom made folding walking stick, to carry on my mountain bike, and I am looking forwards to testing the ferrule out on some tough terrain. I use a stick all of the time and am always happy when a product comes along that allows me to be as active as possible.”

- Last month, Dafydd John Griffiths sent us this:

“I would like to say a big thank you to Flexyfoot.  The ferrules I have fitted to my crutches are 100% better than the old ones; as I suffer with arthritis in my neck and shoulders, I have to rely on crutches that would send shock waves up my arms, but since I fitted the new Flexyfoot ferrules I find that I don’t suffer as much as I did. I would recommend this product to anyone (which I do on a daily basis)! Again, thank you very much.”

- Purchasing Flexyfoot ferrules for her son, Tina Cranwell commented:

“The Flexyfoot team was kind enough to talk at length over the telephone answering my questions about the products before I decided to purchase the ferrules for my son. I was worried they would not be suitable and were just another gimmick; my son has cerebral palsy and relies heavily on his sticks and can sometimes be unstable so Flexyfoot sounded perfect as it claimed to increase that level of stability. I am pleased to say that my son is getting on great with the ferrules; he seems more confident, his walking pattern has definitely improved and he is standing up taller; he found them a little strange at first but soon got used to them. Flexyfoot is a great product and does exactly what is says it is going to.”

- New Zealander Annette Briggs wishes there was a Flexyfoot distributor down under (we’re working on it, Annette!):

“We have nothing like this in New Zealand and I am so happy to be able to use the Flexyfoot. It’s absolute magic; it has already relieved my sore shoulders and I am walking so much better so thank you from the bottom of my heart – really it is an awesome product, I cannot sing its praises highly enough. I just wish you had a distributor here in New Zealand as I know it would sell well.”

- Dan Holtorn’s wife recently underwent a lower limb amputation and has taken to using Flexyfoot. Here's his feedback:

“I’m not usually one for leaving feedback BUT I am really impressed with the Flexyfoot ferrules we have just bought for my wife. I’m ordering another pair this evening; it’s a clever design and a cheap way to transform the performance of a standard pair of crutches.”

Thank you to all our customers who have taken the time to share their thoughts. Don’t be shy! If you have any feedback or want to get in touch to tell us what you think, please do so . We love to hear from you!