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Flexyfoot - A Great Christmas Present

Flexyfoot - A Great Christmas Present

Flexyfoot - A Great Christmas Present

Are you the Christmas person who is super organised, with presents wrapped and stored away from prying eyes, or, like me, are you a last-minute dash kind of person, who doesn’t know where to start when it comes to buying presents?

With only a few weeks to go until Christmas day we thought we’d lend a hand. With our range of Flexyfoot products we have something to suit everyone. Whether it be a bright and bold walking stick or a comfortable, subtle looking crutch, we have a variety of options available – we’d like to think that one of our products would take the fancy of your gift receiver.

This week we’ll explore the walking stick options available, next week we’ll delve into crutches and the final week we’ll look at the Flexyfoot accessories and hiking poles.

Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Walking Sticks

Where to start?

Perhaps the best place to start is to decide on which handle is preferable. We have three handle options.

Derby handle – this tends to be the most popular choice. It provides excellent support, as well as being stylish and versatile. It features a classically contoured handle that was reputedly designed by Lord Derby and is extremely comfortable to use.

Oval handle – a bright and colourful handle, in orange and black. This is an ergonomic designed handle that spreads the user’s weight over a wide area of the hand. The soft grip ensures that it offers optimum comfort levels.

Cork handle – the smooth, moulded cork grip offers a robust weight bearing capability while feeling more like a sporty hiking pole. They are amazingly comfortable to use.

Folding or Telescopic?

This can be a tricky one. We’ve explored some of the positives to having both a folding and telescopic walking stick – the decision though, is up to you! 


A folding stick can be stored away in your handbag or ruck sack when not in use. If you don’t require your walking stick 24/7, then the idea of having it to hand yet discreetly hidden away until that time arises, may be an appeal of the folding walking stick.

Do you tend to leave things behind? If so, the folding stick may be for you. Simply fold it away, store it in your bag during dinner, a trip to the cinema or an appointment and you’ll be sure to remember it every time.

If you travel a lot, a folding stick can be handy to store in baggage on the train, hand luggage for a flight and it provides extra leg room in the car too.


A telescopic stick is always ready to go! You can adjust the stick to your ideal height so it’s ready for immediate use whenever you need it.

Telescopic sticks are idea for those that need a walking stick most, if not all the time.

Can be propped up at a table or next you at an event – easy to access should you require your walking stick for assistance getting up and down from a chair for instance.

Now the biggest dilemma, which colour to choose?

The Flexyfoot walking sticks are available in four colours – black, blue, red and orange.

Black – subtle, traditional, goes with everything! No matter what the occasion, the meeting or the outfit, you can’t go wrong with a black walking stick.

When it comes to the bolder colours, perhaps there’s a particular sports club you support where the colour would work well for showing your support? Or maybe the time of the year has a bearing… orange for October and Halloween, blue for the icy cold winters’ days and red for the red-hot summers?!

Blue – Everton FC, Leinster Rugby, Toronto Blue Jays, Chelsea FC, the Italian national team, Cardiff Blues, Dallas Cowboys…

Red – Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Washington Redskins, Boston Red Sox, Spain national team…

Orange – Dutch international team, Blackpool FC, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Hull City AFC Tigers…

There are several reasons on deciding on a colour, but if you’re stuck, you could always buy one in each colour!

All the Flexyfoot walking sticks are height adjustable, lightweight and made with premium grade aluminium for added strength and stability. They are equipped with the revolutionary, uniquely designed Flexyfoot ferrules. The ferrule has flexible bellows that absorb shock when contact is made with a surface dramatically minimising discomfort in the arm and upper body.

Additionally, the hardwearing foot tread offers up to 50% more grip than a traditional ferrule and remains fully in contact with the ground at all times, ensuring maximum traction.