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Flexyfoot - Christmas Presents Continued...

Flexyfoot - Christmas Presents Continued...

Flexyfoot - Christmas Presents Continued...

With Christmas edging closer, we’ve been looking at the Flexyfoot products which would be suitable as Christmas presents.

Last week we explored the choices available in our walking stick range; this week we’re going to help you decide which crutch is for you or your gift receiver.

Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Crutches 

Open or closed cuff & soft or comfort grip:

At Flexyfoot we have two options available in terms of the crutch cuff; either open or closed.

Choosing a closed cuff offers the advantage or keeping your arms locked in place, but on the other hand, the open cuff allows flexibility to release the crutch whilst being able to return to using it quickly. If you’re reaching for shopping from a shelf in supermarket for instance, then the open cuff crutch is more beneficial, but if you’re trying to open a door whilst keep hold of your crutch, then the closed cuff is more useful.

Once you’ve decided on a cuff type, the next bit is arguably slightly simpler – choosing a grip type. We have two types available, soft or comfort grip.

The comfort grip has been designed to spread weight more evenly through the palm. This alleviates pressure and impact in the hand and the wrist. The soft grip handle is designed for longer term use and is designed to always ensure comfort.

The cuff and grip style all comes down to personal preference, solely depending on the needs of the individual and their circumstances.

Now the biggest dilemma, which colour to choose?

The Flexyfoot crutches are available in four colours – black, blue, red, and orange. Here are some meanings associated with the colours available (last week’s walking stick blog focused on sports team’s colours, so if you’re looking for a colour that is sports related, please have a read of last week’s blog): 

Black – represents strength, seriousness, power, and assertiveness; often used to exude elegance and mystery – a colour that works for all occasions and with all outfit choices!  

Blue – exudes a feeling of calmness or serenity; it’s the colour of the sky and ocean and often gives people the sense of feeling good; it is seen by some as a colour of inspiration.

Red – the colour of passion and energy; is associated with autumn due to leaves such as maple leaves turning red in this season; red is the most common colour in the flags of nations.  

Orange – believed to stimulate appetite, increase energy levels, and increase determination. Often associated with all things vibrant and fun.

Each crutch is equipped with the revolutionary, uniquely designed Flexyfoot ferrule. The ferrule has flexible bellows that absorb shock when contact is made with a surface dramatically minimising discomfort in the arm and upper body.

Additionally, the hardwearing foot tread offers up to 50% more grip than a traditional ferrule and remains fully in contact with the ground at all times ensuring maximum traction. 

The crutches are double adjustable allowing the individual to choose the perfect height for their needs and closed cuff for extra security and safety.