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"I love Flexyfoot so much, I threw my old stick away!"

"I love Flexyfoot so much, I threw my old stick away!"

"I love Flexyfoot so much, I threw my old stick away!"

We just had to share this great review from the CountryWives blog – looks like the word is really getting around now!

“Many of us #womenover50 are part of the sandwich generation. Not only do we have kids that demand attention, we often have aged parents who need us too. It seems that long gone are the days when you had a break in your fifties – the kids having left home and the parents still able bodied, giving us the time to realise long held dream holidays or to take up time-intensive hobbies or other leisurely pursuits, unfettered by family obligations.

Although my mother is 85, she is still young at heart, madly in love with her second husband and fiercely independent. However, she has her fair share of ailments and that includes a bad back and knee which make it difficult for her to walk for long periods. So when I came across a new walking stick made by a company called Flexyfoot, it was perfect for my mother to try. After she had used it for a while (which included using it onboard a Norwegian cruise ship, at home, getting on an off buses and trains, in the garden, and while going round the supermarket) she reported back:

“I have been really impressed with this walking stick. I get so much relief from my painful knee when using it, so it goes with me everywhere now. The rubber foot is very solid and I feel totally safe when using it. The construction is very sturdy but lightweight and totally supports my weight. Yet you can fold it up and pack it in a suitcase or a shopping bag. I love my new stick so much I have thrown my old one away.”

The main reason my mother feels so safe when using her Flexyfoot is because of the ferrule (the bit at the bottom of the stick). On normal walking sticks you get a lump of inflexible rubber or brass; the Flexyfoot ferrule however is an award winning version that is ergonomic. A brilliantly simple idea – and a British invention – it is not only a shock absorber but also bends to fit the surface you are walking on giving a superior grip, which means the user benefits from less pain and discomfort and feels more secure. The Flexyfoot ferrule can be added to any stick by the way.

They also sell complete sticks which also have cleverly redesigned handles. The oval version my mother uses gives a good grip, reduces the stress and impact on her wrists and, as her weight sits directly over the stick rather than being offset, is far more comfortable.

Anyhow, you can check out this video for more information. If you know someone who walks with a stick or is on crutches, this new ferrule design could make a big difference in their lives (and all for just over £20 for a pair!)."