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Instagram Influencer - @chick_with_a_walking_stick

Instagram Influencer - @chick_with_a_walking_stick

Instagram Influencer - @chick_with_a_walking_stick

A recent review from one of our Instagram Influencers: 

Formally introducing the best friend of my best friend. 

If you follow me you will have seen this extension on the end of my walking stick. I am 6ft tall, but it's not a height extender as many people understandably think. 

It's my Flexyfoot and it's been with me for three years so far, adventuring with me across six countries and all four seasons. 

So why have I used it nearly every day for the last three years. A few reasons; 

- I have shoulder issues, and it helps dampen some of the impact of using a stick.

- It has a ridged base to help prevent slips (that mini heart attack feeling is thankfully in the past). 

- The bendy design means the base is touching the ground for much longer throughout the movement from setting the stick down to picking it up. This makes the experience more stable and comfortable once you get used to the different sensation. 

- It raises the stick a couple of inches and helps protect if from my muddy walks. 

So there he is. Any suggestions for names are welcome! Maybe...Bendy Wendy? Thoughts?