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Preparing for Winter

Our Flexyfoot products have been used in all weathers, including snow and ice. With the Flexyfoot ice boot, this makes the colder, icier conditions a little bit easier to tackle.

The ice spike attachments which attach to our walking sticks, crutches and hiking poles, have proved invaluable in icy conditions. The ice boot is simple and easy to fit over the ferrule foot and provides unwavering grip which in turn improved user confidence when walking on icy paths.

The additional grip and traction is achieved thanks to the circular array of stainless steel teeth, moulded into the underside, which dig into the ice and snow. For safety, a cover for the boot fits snugly over the teeth to shroud them when it is not in use protecting floors and carpets. 

We’ve had reviews from two of our Flexyfoot users, Nicki MacRae and John Hilton, both of whom have tried and tested the ice boot in previous winters. We’ve also had amazing feedback from Chris Meyer who lives in Europe and has tried and tested the ice boot in a variety of conditions.

Nick MacRae, who suffers with impaired balance, coordination and lack of sensation said, “the snow settled overnight, so we went out for an afternoon walk in the winter sun. A few years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of venturing out in such icy conditions – they would’ve just meant staying at home until a thaw. Moving about with impaired balance, coordination and lack of sensation is tricky enough without slippy, difficult surfaces to balance on. But I’ve adapted – ice stick attachments on my Flexyfoot ferrule hiking poles, and titanium spikes on good fitting boots means, with care, I’m mobile again!”

Jon Hilton, a war veteran who is a LBK amputee has used the Flexyfoot crutches in the snow and his feedback was fab. “Went out for a little walk last night and whilst some may say it was unsafe, I have never felt safer. Walking with Flexyfoot crutches has given me the confidence and reliability I have needed. I am stable and have a fantastic “foothold” on the ground with the supportive ferrules.”

Jon then went on to pop the Flexyfoot ice boot on the end of his crutches. Whilst the crutches without the ice boot worked great, the ice boot addition seemed to make a huge difference. “Out for a little wander but this time I had to put my Flexyfoot ice boot on and wow what a difference they make. I’m so impressed with them. If you use crutches or a walking stick, then don’t let the weather put you off.”

Further afield, Chris Meyer from Europe has really been putting the Flexyfoot ice boot through its paces. Chris is an amputee and has been testing the ice boots out in a variety of conditions. “Today I explored the great winter landscape for the first time with my new ice boots from Flexyfoot. The ice boots offer total safety on snow and even on muddy ground on forest paths. A real increase in quality of life and my recommendation for crutch runners. The ice boots can be easily pulled over the Flexyfoot, so that you can also change quickly on the go. For the first time ever, I was not afraid to fall with my crutches and was able to enjoy the great winter landscape.”

You can order your Flexyfoot ice boot from all our suppliers, both online and in store. We look forward to hearing about the adventures you take your Flexyfoot ice boot on.