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Spring into action!

Spring is almost upon us, we can hear the birdsong in the morning and the evenings are gradually stretching out as each day passes. It’s a busy time in nature, and for all of those keen gardeners who welcome the rise in temperature and reach for their secateurs with renewed vigour.

We found some great tips on the jobs to be undertaken in the Spring season which we thought we'd share. And of course, not only will your garden reap the benefit of your hard work, but the exercise will do the world of good to those cold winter muscles!

Happy digging everyone!

Early spring:

Prune roses

Sow hardy annuals outdoors and half-hardy annuals in a heated propagator in the greenhouse or on a windowsill indoors

Tidy borders, weed and mulch with compost or manure

Life and divide herbaceous perennials

Mid spring:

Start mowing the lawn regularly and apply lawn weed and feed

Plant new roses, trees, shrubs and perennials

Feed specimen trees, roses, shrubs and hedge and established beds and borders, with a general purpose organic fertilizer

Prick out half-hardy annual seedlings or pot them up as necessary

Late spring:

Prune spring flowering shrubs after flowering

Clip box hedges

After the last frost plant out half-hardy annuals in containers and outdoor beds

After the last frost plant out dahlias, bring out houseplants and plant and slightly tender shrubs

Take cuttings from new growth of shrubs and perennials