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The new walking aids have gone down a treat!

The new walking aids have gone down a treat!

So we're back from Rehacare which went extremely well and quickly and thought we'd report back on our new walking aids that means everyone can step out in style! As we mentioned in our previous post, the exhibition was going to be the platform for the first look of our new walking aids - the Flexyfoot stick and crutches, our innovative new range of Flexyfoot walking sticks with enhanced functionality, comfort and leading edge design set to modernise aided walking.

David Goodwin, Flexyfoot inventor and designer, explains: “The reaction to the new aids from the trade and the public in Germany was excellent: the stick stigma problem is worldwide with users wanting more options that have a more stylish design and great functionality. Our range offers an antidote to the institutional look and feel of traditional walking aids bringing them up to date for 21st Century living. If we had been able to sell the stick at the show they would have flown off the stand!”

Brilliant ergonomic design

The ergonomic design approach to the new Flexyfoot range means two new handle options; the Oval Flexyfoot handle and a cork option. The Oval Flexyfoot handle allows for the position of a user’s hand to be directly over the central support as opposed to offset. The widespread handle spreads across the stick’s centre of gravity to avoid intense load points, ensuring the force is through the stick and not a user’s wrist, fingers and arm.

Combining two handles in one, the cork option amalgamates the positive elements of both a walking pole handle with that of a stick or cane. The cork covered moulded surface is tough but satisfying to the touch and enables the hand to breathe. The intuitive design is highly suggestive of a hiking pole, combining the functionality and safety benefits of a walking stick with the more sporty image of a walking pole. Each handle is available with either a telescopic or folding pole to suit users’ particular preferences in design, comfort and style.

The whole range features the award-winning Flexyfoot ferrule, a direct replacement for old brass or rubber feet, which extends the life of walking aids while reducing pain and discomfort by absorbing the shock impact and reducing strain. Increasing the range of movement and giving increased grip on slippery surfaces, the Flexyfoot ferrule is a key feature of the new walking stick range.