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'This is definitely a walking aid that must be tried to feel the full benefits.'

'This is definitely a walking aid that must be tried to feel the full benefits.'

'This is definitely a walking aid that must be tried to feel the full benefits.'

We were delighted to receive this report of the Flexyfoot stick, after Mrs Hartland was given one at the recent WI Fair. Thank you and we're glad it's making a difference to you!

"Dear David

I am forty years old and had a stroke nine years ago.  I use a walking stick as the stroke affected my left side and my mobility isn't good.  I first tried out the Flexyfoot inside at an exhibition, it was in a very large room busy with people and stands.  Quite often walking inside on flat clean polished floors can be more difficult than walking outside as my wooden walking often slips.  The Flexyfoot does not slip on these surfaces, I also found it wasn't pushed away from me when people pushed past me due to the great contact it gives you with the ground.  I now feel much safer on the occasional shopping trip I have to make and also on hospital floors.

The natural movement of  the foot on this stick really comes into its own outside. You almost don't realise you are on rough ground as it seems to 'walk' itself over the ground.  If you do put it on a stone that then moves away from under the stick there is enough give in the flexibility of the stick you don't get the shock of it up your arm.

At first I didn't think I would get on with the handle as I thought it looked too big, but quite the opposite its comfortable in the hand and because it is a complete oval you don't have to hold it extra tight for fear it will fall out of your hand.  As long as you can close your fingers around the handle I feel that even a loose grip would keep this stick in your hand.  Due to the material the handle is made of you can rest it on walls, cars, till stands etc and it doesn't fall over it seems to stick to the surface.  However I would not feel safe putting the strap around my wrist as it doesn't have a way of coming of your wrist quickly.  If it was to get caught, stuck or pulled away from you, you would stay attached to the stick.  If there was a quick release fastening of some kind (a strong Velcro?)it would stay attached to you but if it was to be pulled away from you with force, you would go with stick either wrenching your arm or being pulled over.  The only other negative thing I can say about this stick and this depends whether or not you have a dog.  My dog wont pick the stick up as it is metal but she does my wooded one.  If there was an area of material, fabric or rubber placed around the stick then the dog would have somewhere to hold onto the stick. That would be a great benefit for me and a novel selling feature.

At first glance at this stick I wasn't bothered about looking at it as it looked a lot like my outdoor leisure hiking stick I use, But it has to be used to see the benefits.  It feels much stronger than other walking sticks and it's very comfy to use in the hand.  For all its strength it is very light,  You can change its length and the completely unique foot gives you protection to your wrist and arm from impact issues.  On rough ground, cobbles or paved drives and streets, the stick does feel it is walking along with you.

This is definitely a walking aid and must be tried to feel the full benefits.

Many thanks David for the thought that has been put into this stick.  Everyone asks about it and most of my able bodied friends have tried it with all of them saying, "Oo I can really feel the little foot moving:, and one even said it was like having a friend walking with you! so if that's the case perhaps mine should be called David!

Thank you for the gift of the walking stick, I can honestly say I have used no other stick since I brought this home."