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Urban Hiking Pole Reviewed - "A great alternative to traditional poles"

Urban Hiking Pole Reviewed - "A great alternative to traditional poles"

Urban Hiking Pole Reviewed - "A great alternative to traditional poles"

We were delighted when the outdoors gadget blog 'Walk Hike Climb' wanted to test drive our Hiking Pole. Even more so when we read the final review! Have a read below to see what they thought of it... 

" Over the years I found that walking, mainly on steep ascents / descents, has become quite a significant issue.  So much so that I relatively recently purchased walking poles to see what difference it would make.  Well, suffice to say it was somewhat of a revelation.  The knee pain suffered was reduced almost to zero, so I’m a total convert when it comes to walking aids.

The Flexyfoot Urban Hiking Pole is more akin to a walking stick / shepherds crook than a ‘standard’ hiking pole, featuring the Flexyfoot Ferrule at the bottom.

It is however very well made and perhaps offers, thanks to it’s design, a little more in the way of application and flexibility.

With a length or height ranging from 710mm through to 965mm, there’s plenty of scope for adjustment even if you’re on the taller side. This is beneficial if you’re reliant upon a walking aid / stick for mobility as it can be adjusted to suit whatever terrain you’re traversing.

Thanks to the Flexyfoot Ferrule, the hiking pole can cope with everything from pavements to cinder paths to fields, hills and more!

The multi-functional handle which is constructed from moulded cork provides high levels of grip and comfort.

Height adjustment is an easy operation, simply twist the two sections of the pole in opposite directions to slacken the internal mechanism and slide to the desired height and re-tighten.

Inside the pole is a threaded / expanding stop which prevents any give once you’ve chosen your desired setting.  There’s even a clearly marked “Stop” denoting it’s maximum position.

Going back to the moulded handle, there’s even the addition of a webbed loop to ensure you don’t loose the pole if you’re walking along steep sections which also improves grip

The moulded cork provides excellent grip as well as being supremely comfortable to use

As the Flexyfoot Ferrule acts like the suspension on a car, it’s not surprising to find that it provides quite a lot of shock absorption whilst on the move

Also, the baffled section provide a huge amount of flex when walking which ensures the wide foot stays firmly on the ground providing a very stable platform of support

The Flexyfoot Hiking Pole comes fitted with the Flexyfoot Ferrule as standard, however there are instructions on the Flexyfoot website for guidance should you wish to retro fit one of their ferrules to an existing stick or pole.

The Flexyfoot Hiking Pole is a great alternative to generic walking poles however is perhaps a little more limited when things get really steep.  For general walking and hiking it might just be the tool you’ve been looking for!


A great alternative to traditional walking poles with the added stability of the Flexyfoot ferrule.  Strong, light and highly adjustable the Flexyfoot Urban Hiking Pole is a well thought out and constructed walking aid which can be used in many situations across numerous terrains."