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We provide flexible support to an elderly Kenyan widow

We provide flexible support to an elderly Kenyan widow

We provide flexible support to an elderly Kenyan widow

People all over the world have been using our Flexyfoot ferrules and sticks. This month, one of our folding sticks made it as far as Lake Victoria in Kenya, where an elderly widow became its new owner. 

One of our friends, Jeremy Bell is involved in a project in Kenya called Widow’s Farm Enterprises. It is a community based organization headquartered in Kadawa, near Kisumu Kenya, on Lake Victoria, and is certified by the Kenyan government.

Widow’s Farm Enterprises helps this needy community and surrounding areas in Western Kenya: they run a farm to grow crops for elderly widows, a credit union, a medical fund, oversee income-generating projects and distributing donations. Jeremy visited them recently and we gave him a Flexyfoot stick to take with him and donate to one of the widows. Here is his account of his recent trip.

“Gladys Odindo lives in a rural village called Kadawa about 10km north of Lake Victoria in Kenya. Like most widows in this area, every day she fetches water, walks the 5km round trip to the market and tends her own small maize and bean crops. Her walking aid is a tree branch (like the one Teresa is holding in the photo). Thanks to the generosity of Flexyfoot I was able to take their blue folding stick out to Kenya this month. With its aluminium construction it was easy to transport.”

“The hardest decision was who to give the stick to. Gladys being in her early 80’s and having just come out of hospital was the obvious choice, she particularly liked the cork handle. It is very difficult to get a Kenyan to smile for the camera but I can assure you she was delighted with the gift.”

Widow’s Farm Enterprises operates mainly through the generous support of individuals. Please click on the link to find out more about their work and to sponsor their projects and donate online.