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What is a ferrule?

They come in all shapes, designs and sizes but three of the most popular are D-Type, Z-Type and Springer. D-Type ferrules have straight sides with a rimmed bottom while Z-Type ones extend from the top to a wider base. Springer ferrules have an internal cushion that acts as a shock absorber. If your walking aid is made from metal then it is important that each ferrule has a metal washer inside to prevent the walking aid penetrating the rubber.

The humble ferrule is often underrated but is a vitally important component of a stick or crutch. A poorly fitting, or well worn ferrule is very dangerous as it can make the walking aid it is attached to unsafe. It is important, therefore, to make sure that you have the correct size of ferrule and to check it’s tread regularly. Keeping a spare one handy is also a good idea.  

Flexyfoot ferrules have been uniquely designed with a more hardwearing tread and revolutionary bellows that absorb impact. These bellows flex ensuring the ferrule remains in contact with the ground for longer providing 50% more traction than a traditional ferrule, which increases user safety and helps to build confidence. This feature is especially useful when going up and down stairs or on uneven terrain. Flexyfoot supplies walking stick ferrules and crutch ferrules.